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How to Order One or All Ten of My Sourdough Starters

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A Word About PayPal. 
I have used PayPal for years and you do not have to have a PayPal account to use them. It does not cost you anything and I eat the PayPal charges. I also cover the shipping charges in my prices as well. customers: 
The recipes in this blog are loaded with sodium and you should not use my recipes unless you are willing to modify them. My recipes are lower in sodium than many mainstream sourdough recipes but they are still high in sodium. Please note that the starter itself is MEGAHEART APPROVED and not the recipes. Thanks.

How To Order One or All of My Ten Sourdough Starters
In early 2013 I started selling a San Francisco Sourdough Starter, Valentina's, which I obtained while in the US Army stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1978. Since then I have extended my starters to an old family starter from San Francisco which I have named after my Grandmother whom I affectionately called, Babo's. I also created a non-sourdough starter (Tara) for use in normal bread recipes and it works fantastically. I have two Alaskan Starters as well, Alaska Sam's and Best Darn Old Alaskan Sourdough Starter, both of which are good and sour. 

A friend gave me an old Mormon Pioneer Sourdough Starter which came across the plains in the 1800's which I call, Parley's. 

My favorite starter is named after me, Wasatch Willy. It's made from locally obtained wild yeasts and is a real crowd-pleaser. Everyone who has tried it really likes it.

Most orders include:

  • Two packets of dried starter. You get to choose which two you want with my new order buttons below. 
  • Activation Instructions with recipes.
A Sample Package with Label

Shipping Rates
All Prices include shipping, First Class mail. Single Orders are shipped in a #10 envelope. Big10's are shipped in a standard bubble mailer. All orders are usually shipped promptly, usually the next business day at the latest. Sometimes orders can be delayed by as much as two weeks or so due to how I produce my starters for shipping.

Big10 Bundle orders to Canada may take three to four weeks due to your Customs.

If you are outside the US and Canada and are interested in one or more of my starters please email me.

Where Do I ship to:

I will ship to anywhere in the United States or Canada. 

Questions: Email me at (remove the underscore between y and @ before sending the message). I suffered a concussion over two and a half years ago and I'm still suffering the affects. My sleep schedule is really messed up so I prefer contact via email. I hope you understand. If you need to contact me faster than even email try messaging me via Google+.

Order With Confidence: I have never had a dissatisfied customer and go out of my way to make you happy so order with confidence. When you click on the Add to Cart button it is going to take you to PayPal and it's going to say William Karoly Photography. This was how I originally created my PayPal account over ten years ago and I've never changed it. I apologize for any confusion this may cause. 


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Announcing Chef Don's Sourdough Starter

My friend, Chef Don at, has shared his sourdough starter that he uses in all his own sourdough recipes. It is made from wild yeast found in Auburn, California. Of course his starter is good for any sourdough recipe but he specializes in no salt cooking and his sourdough recipes are different than your normal recipe. He substitutes the salt we normally use in baking with crushed vitamin C, vinegar, sugar and a little store bought yeast. This starter works best with Bread Flour.

- - - -
Quinn Hartley's
Kern County Sourdough Starter

I am on a mission to collect sourdough yeasts from many different regions of the world and Quinn Hartley's Kern County Sourdough starter is a terrific step towards that goal. It smells and tastes great and is made from yeast found on grapes grown in Kern County California. 

- - - -
Sierra Gold!
A New Starter From California's Foothills

Currently, Sierra Gold, is only available as part of the Big10 Sourdough Package. It comes from wine grapes grown in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's. It's a medium sour starter and is terrific tasting.
- - - -
Alaska Sam's Sourdough Starter

Comes from my buddy, Sam, by way of Alaska. Medium Sour. According to Sam, this starter goes back to the Alaskan Gold Rush.
- - - - -
Best Darn Old Alaskan Sourdough Starter

From another friend up in Alaska who prefers to remain nameless. This has the potential to be very sour when fed whole wheat flour. We're not sure how old this one is exactly but my friend has had it for over 30 years personally and his family had had it for far longer. It is one of my personal favorites.
- - - -
Babo's San Francisco Sourdough Starter

Named after my grandmother. Her real name was Bertha and at the turn of the Twentieth century she was a little Swiss German girl living in San Francisco at the time of the Big Quake. Back then the San Francisco Sourdough was not such a closely guarded secret as it is today. This is a very fickle starter and requires attention to detail. It requires proofing at a lower temperature and then a higher temp due to the dual nature of the starter.
- - - -
Parley's Pioneer Sourdough Starter

This one came across the plains with the early Mormon pioneers. Very rustic. Mildly Sour. This is another old family starter that has been around since the mid 1800's.
- - - -
Tara's Organic Natural Yeast

Made from organic Dark Rye flour. Perfect for all bread recipes where fast acting yeast is used. Rise times are about four hours. This is NOT a sourdough starter but is instead a yeast replacement. Makes great Whole Wheat Bread. Wheat bread recipe included.
- - - -
Valentina's Authentic San Francisco Sourdough Starter

I got this from a friend in the late 70's while living in San Francisco. It's more of a traditional Italian starter and not your typical San Francisco fare but it does make a terrific bread that does come close to the taste of original San Francisco without the hassle of Babo's.
- - - -
Wasatch Willy's
The Original Great Salt Lake Sourdough Starter

Simply the best sourdough starter I have ever used. Made it myself from local wild yeasts. Absolutely delicious. Just sour enough. Tastes very similar to a good San Francisco Sourdough but it comes from the Great Salt Lake region of Utah. It is a good and lively natural Sourdough Yeast. This is my other favorite Sourdough Starter.
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If you are sitting on the fence and don't know what to order let me make a suggestion. Try a single packet of my Wasatch Willy's Sourdough Starter first. It only costs $4 or $4.70 (for Canadian customers). You will not regret your purchase. I promise. Then, after trying Willy, you can come back for others.

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Big10 Bundle

Includes all ten of my starters for one low price:
Tara, Valentina, Babo, Alaska Sam, Best Damn Alaskan, Parley's, Sierra Gold (new) and Wasatch Willy's. Now also includes Chef Don's Sourdough Starter and Quinn Hartley's Kern County Sourdough Starter. Recipes, instructions, labels and starter packets included. 

A Special note to Canadian customers: Starting in 2017 all Big10 Bundles going to Canada are $32. First Class Postage rates have tripled. Delivery can take as long as three weeks and sometimes a little longer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Order Your BIG10 Sourdough Starter Bundle

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Order the Three new starters here. Sierra Gold, Chef Don's and Quinn Hartley's.

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About Me: My name is William Karoly and I live in Northern Utah. My PayPal account is an old one left over from when I had a little home-based photography business which is why, when you click on the Add to Cart button, PayPal says purchased from William Karoly Photography. I have been selling sourdough starter since 2011 and have hundreds of satisfied customers all across the US and Canada. 

Hi Bill,

I just got started with your sourdough starter in June 2014.  I received two, and have only used one so far, the "Best Damn Alaskan" starter.  I'm having a lot of fun with it!  It took a few attempts of not so pretty loaves to get the knack of it (I think I was overproofing it so it wasn't getting much oven rise) but now I am getting taller loaves.  The toast is awesome--beautiful sourdough flavour!  I have this starter going in two jars, so I have a backup in case of a problem.  I also made sourdough pizza dough with it, which was delicious!

Attached please find some pics.  (The last picture is my best loaf yet, lol!) I have a batch going right now, will be baking bread tonight!  Can't wait... (7/14/2014)

Laurel Harrington
Brechin, ON  Canada

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Click to see the book that Laurel is using. This is the updated version.

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