Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Alaskan Starter is Here!

A friend who used to live in Alaska in the 70's came by yesterday and gave me a jar of his starter he picked up there. According to him it was old when it was given to him and there is no way to estimate how old it really is but it is one of the most active starters I have seen in awhile. 

He abuses the heck out of it and it survives year after year. In fact, it sits in his fridge and gets used once or twice a year and only gets fed when he uses it. So what happens is the little voracious sourdough beasties go dormant. To activate, he pulls it out of the fridge and stirs the liquid hooch back in and feeds it. He even uses, get this, tap water! Who'da thought?

I activated some and tried it out with my San Francisco Bread recipe and it was nice and sour. I made the mistake of covering it while letting it rise so the surface looked the moon with pockmarks everywhere.

Praise from a Canadian Customer
"Just FYI, I started the Best Darn Old Alaskan starter on sat or sun and I can hardly contain it :). It is doing very well.
Just wanted to let you know. I will bake with it on Saturday and really looking forward to it!"
James G. Victoria BC Canada

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