Saturday, June 22, 2013

Valentina’s Sourdough Raised Donuts

Try these Sourdough Donuts using the sourdough starter of your choice. In my case I used Valentina’s San Francisco Sourdough Starter. Prepare the starter in advance. If your starter is in the fridge, pull it out the morning before you make these and feed it. When the starter is nice and active (bubbly and doubled in size) you can begin. I decided to make donut holes instead and they were the yummiest!

1 Cup Valentina’s San Francisco Sourdough Starter
2 Cups Room Temp bottled or filtered water
1 Cup Granulated Sugar
½ teaspoon Salt
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
5-6 Cups White Flour

Combine all the ingredients in a mixer. Add flour until the sides of the bowl wipe clean.

Place the dough in a greased bowl and let it sit for several hours covered while it develops a sour flavor. Typically this takes anywhere from 12-24 hours.

The next day remove the dough from the bowl and stretch-roll it out to about a half inch thick. Using a donut cutter make your donuts and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet and let them rise until double in size. 

Then deep fry them. Coat in granulated sugar immediately or ley cool and cover in your favorite sugar glaze.

For a stronger sour taste try Alaska Sam’s Sourdough Starter.

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