Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A DIY Easy to Make Baking Stone - Part Two

aka DIY Pizza Stone

UPDATE 4/5/2014
One of the pieces or Travertine has cracked! But I have others. I have thought about heating the stones in stages. Not sure if this will help or not. The cracking is caused by my boiling water which I pour into a cast iron pan which sits directly below the stones.

I have this big bump on the back of my head from a slip on the ice in my works dimly lit parking lot on Monday night and it kept me up all night. I ended up with about two hours of sleep so if I am rambling and making no sense, please forgive me.

In Part One we discussed the options of Baking Stones such as ceramic tile, actual baking stones, and Travertine. I showed a picture of the stones I purchased at my local Big Box Store. I spent about $17 for two 18x18 Tuscany Travertine square tiles and they were snug from front to back on the rack. I almost thought I would not be able to close the oven door but it was no problem.

Since I was restless (my head hurting like a son of a gun) I thought about the dimensions of the oven rack and at 3AM I got up and measured. I determined the ultimate size would be 11" x 14" for my oven and after only a few hours sleep, I went to my BBS (BIG BOX STORE) with the tiles from yesterday and bought two more. I then had a fine gentleman cut them down for my on their tile saw. The cuts were free, by the way.

Free Cuts at Lowes - Travertine as Baking Stone
I had intended to double up the stones but they just weigh too much. 24 pounds of tile is just too much for our ovens rack to handle. So now I have an extra set and a side effect of cutting the tiles I now have 3 pcs of 7x14 inch Travertine as well so I effectively have three sets of baking stones.

Tomorrow night we are having 15 Bean Soup with bacon and Turkey Sausage served in bread bowls. Tonight I made six. The first three were baked on sheets on the Travertine and the second set of three were baked directly on the stones.

Sourdough Soup Bowls baking at 425 F

Sourdough Soup Bowls Cooling
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